Geox Boys School Shoes FEDERICO Slip-On Black

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The classic-look boys - school shoe in easy slip-on Geox Federico, in soft leather, are top of the class. The Geox patented breathable sole gives optimum stability and the chrome-free leather insole and lining guarantee maximum comfort that lasts all day. The styling cues come from classic men's footwear and the design is sharp and detailed.
With great style, comfort and durability, these shoes are specially designed for children from eight years and up. They are ideal for wearing all day, every day, without making feet tired.

There is a shoe for every child, whatever their age or needs. GEOX has the expertise to meet the needs of every phase of childhood, guaranteeing maximum comfort and the correct support even for the smallest feet.

Cutting-edge technology combining a perforated sole with a resistant, breathable and water-repellent membrane, allowing natural temperature regulation and creating a micro-climate inside the shoe that leaves the foot dry all day.

Upper: 100% Leather
Lining: 70% Leather -25% Textile -5% Synthetic
Outsole: 100% Rubber, Insole: 50% Leather -50% Synthetic

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