Dubarry Girls Shoes Admirals 'Dubes' Deck Navy

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Dubarry's original two-eye tie classic deck shoe, fondly called 'Dubes'.Admirals are available in dark navy leather. The ideal secondary girl's school shoe.

Product Details

Featuring a DryFast-DrySoft water resistant leather finish, non-slip soles and rust-proof trimming details, they stand the test on deck and look great with jeans or shorts.

  • Award-winning NonSlip-NonMarking, durable rubber outsole
  • Soft Dubarry blue sock pad for extra underfoot comfort
  • Rolltop hand stitching sealed to keep out water drops
  • Sole stuck and stitched to the upper for extra security
  • Adjustable leather lace goes all the way around the foot
  • Brass/nickel rust-proof emblems and eyelets
  • Dubarry's distinctive Port and Starboard colour flashing

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